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Madonna Wayne Gacy: The Profile


-REAL NAME : Stephen Gregory Bier

-BIRTHDATE : March,6th 1964

-MEMBER OF MARILYN MANSON : Keybords since 1990

-HIS PAST BEFORE M. MANSON : Ingenior, with informatic specialities in Florida.

-ABOUT HIS NICK NAME : From Madonna,the pop icon and John Wayne Gacy, a serial killer. John Wayne Gacy was a pedophile clown who raped and killed 33 little boys,after having painted them. Madonna Wayne Gacy, who wasn't completely statisfied with his nick name, covered also the serial killer nick name, Pogo.

-GACY & THE BAND : He brought the numerology and the jewish cabalistic basis to the band. His keyboards set is really important for the band. His presence adds the spooky and scary sounds and emotions. Without Gacy, Marilyn Manson wouldn't be the exceptional band we knows. Manson describes him as a genius too crasy to be constructive.

-INFORMATIONS: Gacy suffers of hyperactivity problems, but he doesn't take medics anymore. That's why sometimes, he seems a little deranged, acting strange. Manson added that looking at him provocs vertigos. Mansons added too that Pogo often drinks his own urin (???!!!)